Sunday, September 24, 2017

   - Parking Information - Please make sure you read this:
     - The Corp of Engineers will enforce parking very strictly.  Please make sure you follow all the signs and read them carefully.  
     - Make sure you pay your park entrance fee at the booth.  Regardless if its manned or not.  If you have a Corp pass you won't need to pay the park fee.  If the booth is open they can sell you a year long Corp pass for all A.C.O.E. parks, for $40.  I would recommend you buy a pass.
     - Even if you come just for the weigh in you need to pay for the park fee and follow all rules.  
     - Do not park in the main parking lot unless you have a trailer attached to a vehicle.  
     - If you don't have a trailer attached then you must park in the lot located by the bathrooms.  
     - Do not park in a unmarked space or on the grass.  
     - The ticket for not following the Corps' parking procedures is around $300.  They will write tickets.

Key information: 
    - Little Hall Park -  This is not a points tournament and is designed to get new teams how we operate and run our tournaments.  All GHSF members are welcome to fish.  Please try and keep in mind that this is the first tournament for many of our teams.

      - Registration - Opens at 5:00 AM 
        - Even if you have prepaid and sent in your registration materials you must check in at each tournament.  Boat numbers will be give out the morning of each tournament based on the order of check in.  You need to have both anglers and the boat captain at check in.  
        - If you have not already sent in you registration materials you will need to bring them with you. Everyone will need to turn in a signed liability form.  Form must be signed by the Anglers, parents of both anglers, and boat captains.  
        - Make sure you have paid your membership fee of $50 per angler and your $30 per boat entry fee.
       -  If you have not filled out the google form click here.
          - If you have not paid via paypal be sure to bring cash or check to pay the membership and entry fee's. 

       - Mandatory rules meeting - 6:20 AM
         -  All anglers and captains need to be at the meeting. 
         -  This will be held at the stage area where the registration tables will be located.  
         -  This will be the only time we have the rules and safety meeting on land.  All other tournaments this season the meeting will be held on the water prior to blast off.  

      - All boats in the water - 6:45
        - You can launch your boat prior to registration or the rules meeting and tie it off at the big dock.
        - Please give give yourself plenty of time to get your boat in the water.
        - Remember at our regular tournaments we will have around 100 boats.  Parking will be limited and it will take time to get in and out of the water.  

     - Blast off - around 7:15 or safe light. 
      - We will blast off in boat number order.  Boat number 1 will be the first out, then boat number 2 and so on.  
     - Once we start blast off procedures the only boats that should be at the large dock are boats 1-5 and any boats that have received special permission from me to stay tied up at the far end of the dock.
    -  Each boat will come by the check out location as there number is called.  Do your best to get in order.  If you are a high boat number please stay toward the back of the cove and away from the large dock till we get close to your number.  
    -  Weigh in will start at 3:00
      - Flight times will be given out with your boat number at registration.  Flights will be in groups of 30 boats, in 15 min. increments.  
      - For example boats 1-30 will be due back at 3:00,  Boats 31-60 will be due back at 3:15 and so on.  

Hope to see everyone on Sunday the 24th.  Please feel free to call if you have a specific question. 


- Explanation of the rise in membership fees and changes to GHSF for the 2017-18 Season